Sunday, March 28, 2010

Church Adventures!

I Hate When Plays End
It sorta leaves me with this hollow feeling...even though I looked like this this morning:

Attractive, right? Seven forty five and I was told I had to go "natural" so as to make my Jew costume look more believable. Bleh. I just was feeling sad that it ended so I thought i'd post some pictures to here to show it off. Wish I could have got some shots of the show and of jesus and was really inspiring and the experience really brought me to my faith like never before!

lolz that little girl was spinning all around and it was too cute for me to tell her to get out of my shot lolz

that kid with his legs crossed is wearing shorts...they're red. he's ten.

sneak attack shot of james! ^
my stepsister lauren!^
my "big brother" mikey! ^


these two shots were taken just seconds apart, fifteen minutes after the performance ended. Look at how many people there are!
and i took the second shot from alllllll the way back in nowhere land so i could capture the fact that this entrance hall is HUGE!

James loves to get in my shots!
I found my cat in the window this evening, by the way.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wow. Im in spanish and we were talking about the verb colgar which means to hang and senora gave us the example of hanging decoration then skibs asked senora if you used the same verb for hanging people like gallows and she said yeah then cody asked if dead bodies were decorations. Lolz.

Monday, March 15, 2010

HowTo-Crop Tees

Crop Tees!
 Photo from Phi Style

Doesn't she look gorgeous? I brought this up on the Chictopia forums not too long ago, and the overall response was that noone wants to show their tummy! I completely understand that. In fact, when I think of a crop top, the photo you see above is what I think of. It took me a while to even find a picture of one that looked acceptable to me where the midriff is shown:
Photo from Amber Z.

I think this looks cute. But I got a lot of feedback that told me that people were confused on how to wear them, and whether they would feel comfortable. So I decided to whip up a few guidelines:
1. If you're showing your belly, wear pants that fit well. And they should be pants. Shorts will just make it look trashy.
2. Otherwise, feel free to to wear whatever you please, but make sure it's high waisted. that's gonna get you the coverage you want
3. ONCE AGAAAAIN make it your style lolz these things can be glam, rock, or casual.
4. wear the right bra.
5. don't be afraid. like everything, you need to wear this with confidence. Keep your chip up, shoulders back.
This is a nono, btw:

Sorry to say i told you so but....
With that said, if your crop top is lower and you only show the tiniest bit of midriff, this is fine when you have the right body...
Otherwise, stick with everything hitting the middle of the waist.
Now have at it!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Time ALAS!!!

Isn't It Beautiful?!
I was soooooo excited to find these growing in little bunches all over the front garden!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have no idea...i've lived with five feet of snow for two months now and within this past week, its all gone! Its been fifty and sixty and sunny and spring spring spring! There are some other things popping up too...

Here you can see a little patch of bunches! ^.^

And these little purple friends are saying hello!

So there's that happiness, and I'm praying to God I get the chance to update this more schedule has FINALLY cleared out a bit....all i've got left to do is finish my paperwork for National Honors Society and turn in a job app. Then I can focus on this important stuff :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Beezag...My Newest Love

My Internet Is Eternally Comprised of FIVE Things....
and now......................
This thing is great, you watch ads and earn coupons and money! It really is wonderful...i had to wait on the waiting list for about a month and a half, but it was totally worth it!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


So I Have Been Extremely Busy
With an art competition coming up saturday, ALICE IS COMING OUT TOMMOoooooRrrrOooooW!!!! and I work :D along with balancing a social life, i've hardly been home haha. But honestly, i love this business and it's so fun!
But I just wanted to let everyone know, I'm going to start two new series for my blog, High School Safari, and Salem City. The first will be a satirical "safari" of my high school, full of cliques and cliches, the second will profile all the great style around my small town :) i want to expand my horizons in my blog, and try my best to cover everything I possibly can so....