Saturday, February 20, 2010

Poached Egg Time!!! Yaaay!

But This is A Lazier, Easier Way
You have no idea, I'm so excited about this...

So we were talking about this in spanish class the other day....we really wanted to know how to make a poached egg...and senora told me she thought it was like an egg... boiled without a shell...and she elaborated a little bit and I worked it out! So's my proccess for anyone who wants to learn....
I only wish mine looked this good...
Basically, I started out with a container about this big, and I put my egg in it. (Sorry, I took all these photos after I was done cooking yeah...) I've found that you want to find something with a flat even bottom, or you'll end up with an egg that's thick in one area with the yolk and the rest is just this thin sheet...
And then just stick it in the pot, and fill it with just a little bit of water, so the container just barely touches the bottom...It doesn't really matter exactly how much you use, just get some in there :)
Now, you cover it (duh) lolz

And boil the water at about medium high's my stove dial, if you want a bit of reference:

Now, i know this isn't an ACTUAL poached egg, but I'm super lazy, so I decided to just steam it sorta lol. But basically, when its white all over, you've got what you want.
While my egg was cooking, I popped a piece of toast in the toaster...toast it to your pleasure, i like my lightly golden.
Then I pulled my egg out, and dusted it with a bit of salt n pepper

And I pulled it out and stuck it on my toast! Tada!
Its a lot more flavorful than a hardboiled egg, and not nearly as messy as scrambled eggs, and its great to go! :D This may be my new favorite food...

Monday, February 15, 2010

HowTo-Combat Boots

Fitting For Any Style!
For the longest time, combat boots have had both a good and bad rep. Some people don't like the tough look, and think these boots belong on the battlefield. They've had their time in the spotlight for all sorts of groups...the punks, the goths, the grunge, etc, and they remain a staple for many people. But lately they've been hugely popular in the mainstream fashion scene, lead by the major combat boot manufacturer, Doctor Martens. I personally am a big fan of Docs, and I'm totally thrilled to check and see what new designs they've got all the time...I would definitely collect them if I could afford it.
Combat boots come in variety of styles, like these Victorian style ones and the classic style ones, but in patent leather...
Don't be afraid to wear them with everything...literally everything. Dresses, skirts, winter, summer, spring fall, jeans, shorts, all of it. Combat boots go. They dress down a lot of things, and look great on their own, or with tons of layers of socks and whatnot. Basic guidelines...
-pick a color that is recurring in your closet, so you really can wear them with everything
-splurge on a basic, super comfy pair first, then branch out and have fun
-don't be afraid to get girly with it
-accessorize your boots! add charms or lace them funny
-you don't have to wear them laced all the way up, pulled tight. You're not ACTUALLY going out for combat, so feel free to let them flop around and look messy...its how I do it :)
-You can buy cheap pairs at Wal Mart for like...$12...but srsly, Docs cost $119 and their worth every penny. If you can't directly afford a pair, but you want some, go for the walmart ones, but save up for those'll be happy you did! 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Haha Zipper Tongue

No, It's NOT For Real, Kay?
I saw this and for a slight second thought it was real, then I told myself Nah, its shopped, but I had trouble finding shop flaws in it. So I googled it. It was shopped, obviously. Someone used this photo of a split tongue to edit for a Photoshop contest...
I still think it's funny.... :)

Inspiration-Elegant Gothic & Lolita

No, Not THAT Lolita...
photo copyright of Angelic Pretty

I'm talking about Japanese Elegant Gothic Lolita, or EGL, the street style. Full of frill and dolly-like elegance, this is one of my favorite styles. Unfortunately, it's a little expensive for me to dress it as I would like to.
Lolita can come in any number of styles like:

(that's Mana-sama ^.^)
Or even more specific styles like:
Or Pirate
it's a sort of mixture between punk lolita and 1700's gentleman
Every loli has her own style, and take on lolita. Some are lifestyle lolitas, having tea parties, dressing all the time, and living a ladylike life to fit their clothing.
To the lolita community, everyone is a princess, and deserves to be treated like such. It's rare that you find a loli who isn't warm, welcoming, fun-loving, and happy to bring you into the community and help you on your journey.
Every loli craves and desires "burando" or brand, a.k.a. the fancy stuff. They're high-quality, much better looking, and super-pricey. This good stuff includes Metamorphose Temps De Fille, Angelic Pretty, and Baby The Stars Shine Bright. Of course, there are hundreds of other brands, too.
But this odd little fashion style has snuck into one of America's now top Designers, Jason Wu! I love his spring 2009 collection!
This mash-up of girly details and feminine colors was, of course, inspired by sweet lolit and other japanese street fashions! That goes to show that being wordly is being tops :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

DIY Blue Satin Safety Pin Bow

The Perfect Mix of Sweet and Punk
I'm not so sure why it looks so bright blue in the picture, technically its more of a navy...So this was really easy for me. Basically, I had this huge loop with a rubber band connecting that had come off the present wrapping from a robe I got for Christmas. But it was this gorgeous blue, and was perfect material for headband and I couldn't bear to let it go. So finally, the inspiration struck me as I was setting up my new vanity, that I could fold it into a sort of bow and secure it with safety pins! At first I had the intention of covering up the single safety pin I had, but I loved the sweet-but-edgy look so much that I just decided to put a bunch more!
Basically, I just sized it to my head, folded down the excess into my bow, and strategically placed my safety pins in a strategically messy way! ;)

Although my hair looks terrible in the picture...I had it all curled up nice, and by the time I had the chance to snap and quick shot, it had all fallen flat :(

DIY French Manicure

I Did It All By Myself, Julia!
Julia is the woman who does my hair and nails :)
-cuticle stick
-Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in Sheer Vanilla
-clear coat
-Sally Hansen nail pen in white
-Conair nail dryer

I started with a clear base coat, then added just one coat of the Sheer Vanilla. Of course, you don't HAVE to use that color, I used it because I have a very light skin tone. Basically, you just want to pick a shade that's slightly milkier than your own skin tone. I used to nail dryer to get that COMPLETELY DRY. If it's not hard to crisp, it'll get messed up when you use the pen. And I know, I know, I've been told a million times not to use little dryers or to blow on nails cuz it will cause bubbles, but I have yet to have a serious problem, so moving on.

After I had my main color down, I carefully colored in my tips with the white. The stuff I have is chalky-looking and wipes away with water, so it's a really easy fix if you mess up, I love it. Unfortunately, you have to be careful with the pen the first several times you use it, cuz it can and will squirt in puddles! But aside from that, it's terribly convenient.

You only need to let the white dry for a minute or two, then just swipe over it with a quick clear topcoat. Be careful how you choose, though. I've noticed that sometimes after given time to dry, some topcoats will put little crackles in the white while others won't. You just have to experiment, really.

And there you go! It's appropriate for work, play, everything! And you can do it with almost any colors you want, really, if you're looking to have a little fun!

Style Growing Up

From 15 to 50, Dress For Who You Are
This isn't really about me telling you HOW to dress, so much as WHEN to dress like it. Obviously I'm against thirty year old women dressing as teenagers, but that's not the point right now. I want to focus on the younger crowd. Seeing as I myself am a teenager, I can relate. lol. So have you ever been sitting at home, watching What Not To Wear, and you're totally confused because you sometimes find yourself thinking...'Well gee...i might actually wear that...I think it's cute!' Thats just the thing. Stacy and Clinton are talking to older women. We as teenagers don't have to follow their rules as strictly. What I've realized is, we should stop worrying about dressing appropriate or mature, and just go wild! We're young and unlike the women in InStyle, we don't need to find exactly what works for us just yet and wear it all the time! We're supposed to experiment with and try all those fun outfits in seventeen! Then as we grow up we can settle out, wear what works best, always, like Reese Witherspoon, and then we'll age and we'll dress "age-appropriate."

Thursday, February 11, 2010

In Loving Memory...Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen
16 March 1969-11 Februaury 2010
It's hard to imagine that not too long ago, I was posting about his prominence and genius, and now I write about his alleged suicide. Obviously there has yet to be an official cause of death released, but his mother also died not long ago, and, as is to be expected, he took it hard. It's a huge loss to the world, whether it be fashion or otherwise, and it's extremely difficult for me to accept... I can only imagine how this will affect New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. I feel really selfish, just talking about our loss of his clothing....he really was so much more than just what we saw on the runway.

"I get my ideas out of my dreams… if you're lucky enough to use something you see in a dream, it is purely original. It's not in the world -- it's in your head. I think that is amazing."
                                                             -Alexander McQueen

So now, let the inspiration live on in all of us.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Here's my take. I'm not huge on looking gaudy, so I tried to tone it down a lot. I also prefer the unconventional sequins...I probably wouldn't have bought this skirt if it weren't for the fact that the sequins were scalloped, like fish scales:

Of course, sequins don't have to be glamrock, you can have a vintage-y twist on it, like Kitten Paws Vintage:

Photo copyright of KittenPawsVintage

Or ThriftWares:
Photo Copyright of Thriftwares

They can be hardcore or cute or quirky! You just have to know what you want, and once again, make it your own! Here are some quick guidelines:
-Sequins are bold, so keep the rest of your outfit relatively basic, otherwise you'll have a battle for dominance in your outfit.
-Don't overload. If you're wearing a sequin dress, its all the sparkle you'll need.
-Be modest. What you're wearing is already sexy and flashy enough, so don't go baring all on top of it. You'll look slutty.
-Don't be afraid. If you don't like to dress quite so out-there, but want to get in on the trend, you can try something simple, like a t-shirt with sequin trim, or a hat or scarf.

Super Excited For Rosenmunns...

As featured in NYLON magazine
I'm so oober excited to get my hands on those shorts. They are so much fun, and they've inspired me a TON! I love the colors, and the idea of leggings for summer. Think about it, all the things you can't wear because it's too short to wear without leggings, and too hot outside to wear them? So a legging-style short! But thats just my own input. Really, you should go take a look at the rest of their stuff. It seems simple, but when you take a look, they really did an amazing job!

Monday, February 8, 2010

I Laugh Way Big

The Man In This Costume=My Hero
You're laughing. I  KNOW you are. :) Darth Vader is my favoritist character of all time...way big. So I'm dying right now. I'm tempted to paint the little action figure I keep in my purse just to look like this lolz.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

HowTo- Leggings

Leggings are a fashion staple. Comfy and easy to wear if you know what youre doing, they can make any outfit. There are some guidelines, though. Break them and you could end up looking really tacky.
-First and foremost...LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS! No matter how fabulous the rest of your outfit is, showing off the innermost parts of your bottom is not hot.

-Second, make sure they are a good material. If they're scratchy or cheap, they won't be comfortable, or they'll fall apart.
-Third, tights do not always equal leggings. Notice how you can see the tag and everything? NONO Make sure what you are wearing is thicker. Opaque tights MAY work, but be careful.
-Fourth, leggings can be worn with a variety of things, from dresses, to tunics to skirts. They can be girly, plaid, punk, or whatever you want them to be.
Basically, just remember to keep you bottom and your crotch covered, and make it your own style!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Inspiration-Vibram FiveFingers KSO

Vibram FiveFingers, The Barefoot Shoe
OK, this AWESOME. I found out about them from my friend James, who had worn his around school to break them in for a rock-climbing expedition he is going on next weekend. They're designed to fit to the natural curve of the foot to give a barefoot experience, with a thin but strong sole that has great grip, and a comfy, breathable material that moves with the foot. He let me try them on, since he has relatively small feet for a guy, and even though they were still slightly large on me, they were amazing! The feeling is almost undescribable! I showed this to my dad, and he was really excited about it. If you're into outdoor sports, I would definitely recommend giving these things a shot.