Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rant-Genital Sweaters

Agent Provocateur...Srsly?
The Sharon Sweater
Oh yeah...If I had to spend $500, it would totally be on a crappy cashmere penis cardigan.

You've gotta be kidding me? Has the need for shock factor in today's society gone this far? This is tasteless....a joke for the rich crowd. Haha. Could you imagine someone wearing this in public, and a child seeing? Very nice. Very couth.
Not gonna lie, though. If it was five bucks in a thrift store I would totally buy it for laughs, then make a pillow out of it :D

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Critique-Figure Skater Drawing

My First Critique Outside the Classroom
I want to be able to post some of my artwork, and get feedback.

Drawing of Figure Skater Emily Hughes
I only wish I could have gotten a better shot of the picture itself...the face looks smooshed now, and a lot of the detail has disappeared....I'll manage to get a better one soon :( But I've been so inspired by all this...I'm hopeful to start a series of drawings and ink and watercolor paintings with muted pinks and creams and baby blue...kind of vintagey....the image in my head is so beautiful right now...I wish you could see the expression I captured on her face too...she looks empowered, passionate, as if she's in this hightened state of concentration and bliss....I can't wait to get a better picture up...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Inspiration- Figure Skating

Figure Skating
And The Beautiful Emily Hughes
She is, by far, my favorite figure skater at the moment. Just take some time to look at that picture...she's beautiful, and passionatly in the moment. It takes strength, agility, and grace to even get that pose up and running, let alone hold it the way she, and any other figure skater, does. I'm thinking about doing next years senior portfolio entirely of drawings of skaters and other people in acrobatic poses. The movement is simply awe-inspiring.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Outfits-My Beginning Bit

My Not-So-Shining Start At Chictopia

These are among my worst, in my opinion. Not neccesarily outfit-wise, but I lack quality in my pictures, and I do nothing to pose in an appealing way. I excluded a few more recent pictures, because I want to do a separate post. I'm growing in those pictures :) I've posted all of these on my Chictopia (find me, my name is Chicchica_bonita). It's just my own personal little growing project. I'm inspiring myself to really get going, to have confidence, and feel beautiful in my skin. I'm eating healthier, too, not just for weight loss, but to feel good, improve my mood and whatnot. I want to do another post about all my eating organic and whatnot. This is gonna be fun! ^.^ But I just wanted to show my beginning, is all. So this is where I started. Let's move from there.
Oh step sister frustrates me indefinitely.... I see this happen all the time but Lauren dearest should know! I was in love with her outfit this morning, a colorblock skirt with a tee shirt tucked in and a cropped sweater over it. She curled her hair, she looked adorable. She also left the house before me, so i never got to see her choice in footwear. Now im in lunch and i see :( her beautiful outfit has been ruined by these ugg like, furry heeled things. I detest those things. They're beyond uggly! You see ten thousand Hollister clones prancing around the mall with their tasteless overly tight tee shirts and plaid bombers and jeans tucked into uggs mindlessly prattling about the next shade of blonde they can destroy their hair with. Its sickening. Idk if clone girls in other areas are like this, but i know that whatever they look like, i probably will be annoyed with the look after i see it two hundred times... Sigh...i feel so terrible about all this bitching...its not me to seem so hateful...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Music-Alison Krauss

Alison Krauss
Pretty Agreeable Country
That's saying a lot for me. I'm more for rock and the like, and it's rare for me to like a country song, let alone an artist all over. But this woman's voice is angelic, it's so beautiful. It's soft and airy, but powerful at the same time. My dad introduced me to her a couple days ago, and since then I've fallen entirely in love. My favorite song at the moment is definitely "Stay." Her music is very impactful, and I can relate to a lot of it, even though I'm young. My dad says she doesn't tour, she only plays the the Opry, which I think is remarkable, since she's quite successful. Either way, I think anyone could listen to her and love it, so long as they had an appreciation of good, passionate music. She's country, she's soft, she's pop, she's whatever you want her to be really, because he voice is just that entrancing. And to top it off, she's beautiful!

Rant-Stupid Worthless People Who Complain Too Much

I'd like to apologize in advance for my rants and whatnot, I know that not everyone wants to read about it's a necessary thing in some peoples live :D

Hello all, having a good day today? I hope so...i just want to bitch, that's the pure intent of my posting this. Lol...i just thought i'd say that my school is pathetic, and my peers truly disappoint amazed at how much they complain, but don't take action against things that upset them...they have no grasp of reality, and so they whine. But then they sit around a flunk classes and mouth off to teachers and expect things to just go their way! Don't get me wrong, im not some goody-two-shoes teachers pet. Im just annoyed. Period. I detest people who have no motivation in life, but still bitch. I could care less if you lack motivation and dont bitch, or bitch but do something about it. But that mixture...ugh.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Inspiration-The Mojito

Julian Hakes
The Mojito Shoe
This is definitely a work of genius in both the category of design and the category of architecture. Architect Julian Hakes designed this shoe on his own foot, using paper, tape, and a scalpel one evening while contemplating one thing: Why do high heels need a foot plate, when all the weight goes to the ball and heel? This creation resulted. It's really gorgeous and I would love to see it walk down a runway. I'm not sure exactly how practical it would be for everyday life though....

god only knows what could be lurking beneath that nonexistent foot plate...

Humor aside though, Hakes did a really great job, and as far as I hear, is collaborating with some Italian shoemakers to get this thing out on the market. You can catch updates on his twitter, just find julianhakes. Maybe in the future, where poo isn't wont to be under feet, this could be considered an everyday sandal?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Inspiration-The Shoes, The Genius

Alexander Mcqueen
I ADORE everything this man does. He is The Shoe Genius, in my eyes. While Louboutin creates the everyday, Mcqueen innovates, WOWS US! And what's best? The wonderful Lady GaGa seems to be quite a fan...

Within all these beautiful shoes, I can say that I definitely see a lot more than just creativity. There's real thought in these designs. He's turned the strangest shape into one damn fine piece of footwear! I challenge anyone to think about the foot inside this shoe and reconstruct one with equal finesse. I'm sure that, even if you can figure it all out in your mind, you couldn't figure out how to push it to that next step the way Mcqueen does. I strive to interpret the world the way he does. I only wish I could see it through his eyes. The thought of it is humbling.

The Finer get-out-there.

Hello all, just thought I'd make i specific blog. No more personal blog. I want something people can follow, really get into. I want to fashion blog, but not just clothes. I want it to be clothes and LIFE...everything that clothes effect. I'll be updating all my sewing, doing profiles of fashionable people I meet and know, and I'll post about everything inspiring. No more boring crap that won't make a difference in the world. This is new. This is now.