Sunday, June 20, 2010

Iren Ferarri


This model "boasts" a size 44J. Which, in my opinion, is disgusting, and makes me think of anime cartoons, and the freakishly large-breasted women with boobs the size of their own bodies. Its disgusting.

But this is where this woman gets dumb and ridiculous.
She was on a plane.
And now she's sueing them.
Cuz her boobs.
wouldn't fit.
Ridiculous right? She wants to sue the company because her boobs wouldn't fit between the seat and the seat in front of her and they suffered during turbulence.

What's your take on this woman?


Milla said...

oh my, that really IS disgusting.. and i laughed my ass off :D

J E S S U said...

LOL knowing her size she should've gotten a front row seat (where the babies are...? and people with long legs?)

...and they're real?!

Charlie, Feminine Bravery said...

haha! I always knew people were stupid but this proves it! that looks terrible!

xxx Charlie
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