Sunday, June 13, 2010

Silly Kitty!

Meet Bandit:

This is our mischievious little kitty, Bandit. He gets himself into trouble all the time. In fact, I just spent the afternoon steam cleaning the couch he peed all over. He's such a pretty boy, he hates being outside (though he's stuck there now after all the trouble he's put us through :P) so our female cat, Bella, who I refuse to write about cuz she and I don't get along, she takes care of him because he's pathetic...but such a lover! He's so sweet and adorable and you can't stay mad at that cute lil face :3
I found him today in the oat grass:
My mother and I have been wondering why it was laying so flat and we know...

It should look more like this:

XD Of course, after a little browsing Google I discovered that oat grass is very sweet, and cats love to eat  it :D so I think we've got a winner!


Zoe_Flood said...

awwwwwww bandit is so cute, I love kitties. :]

I'm glad to hear that i inspire you! never spend loads of money on things that A) wont last and B) are just not worth it.

also, its great that you like wolf's rain too! I'm glad someone else does in the fashion blogging world. god the ending was so good T_T I cried so much

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