Thursday, April 29, 2010

Columbus Trip: Cosi, Zoo!

Cosi, and Columbus Zoo!
I feel awkward just now posting this, even though it was around about two weeks ago that I went haha. It was a big girls-only trip with my mother, little sister, Aunt Karrin, and two cousins. Peyton, the youngest of the two, is absolutely darling! My aunt adopted her from China, and boy is she just a pill! She had a cleft pallette, but despite her inability to pronounce things right, she's got the most colorful vocabulary! My mother asked her if she liked spicy food, and she said, "I think not!" Keep in mind, she's three!

I really wish I hadn't forgot my camera for cosi, but luckily I remembered to bring it to the zoo! I was really inspired by the apes and bonobos. Seeing the interactions between the great apes is amazing, they really are so humanoid. It kills me in my heart to know that their homes are being killed, and their families, butchered for meat. More people need to realize that these gorgeous creatures, our cousins, are disappearing. At cosi, we watched a movie about Jane Austen. One clip really got me- She was discussing the discovery of chimps fashioning tools out of sticks to collect ants and eat them. The most remarkable thing about this was that, at that time, the only thing in the dictionary separating humans and chimps was the fact that humans could use tools. Now that it was found that chimps DID in fact use tools, what difference would be made? It seemed that the only thing to do would be to give an ape human rights.
My aunt is currently working on a rescue habitat for chimps saved from animal testing facilities. It's amazing, really, seeing it in construction...
Here are some pictures I took of the apes and bonobos:

^These two were having tons of fun playing all over...

...while dad looked was so sweet!

^Bonobo mother and child

^If you look really close here, you'll see the top of the tiny infant's head!

I also really loved the manatees. The only had two females, though :( :

The saltwater tanks:

These clams were so beautiful, and almost the size of me!

Maybe it's just a divers' thing, but there just something about the ocean that is so beautiful...its so quiet, yet so full of life...completely stunning...i just feel like I have this connection with the sea... Anyone else have this feeling?
some other misc. photos of beautiul birds, etc:

And here was my outfit for the day:


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Aww I love going to the zoo, those monkeys are soo cute!! My favourite animal!

Eda ♥

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