Thursday, June 10, 2010



I've been trying to find the perfect one for a decent price in XL for ages! It's impossible! These things are so gorgeous, a perfect summer staple, couldn't you imagine them a thousand different ways?
-with military style accents, boots, backpack
-in sweet little oxfords, with a bowler hat
-or with wedges, and a straw hat!
Unfortunately, i've become rather picky about the style I want...a mini, with a large, bold, cream or white lace, with no brown lining or anything, with 3/4 sleeves. I've tryed on similar dress styles, and that's what looks best on me. And when I make up my mind on that stuff, i won't settle for less. My mother gets angry when I'm picky, but why spend money on something you're not near as happy with as you could be?
Here are some others that are cute, but once again, either not my size or out of my price range:
from ebay

This is from Mango's line from Scarlett Johansson. My favorite by far!
And I couldn't really find anything else on etsy or anything...
I must be diligent in my search! I was considering either buying a shabbier dress and diy-it into amazingness...or buying lace tablecloths like i've seen some people do, and turning them into a dress...i'm only worried, how difficult would that be? and where would i find a pattern for it?
any ideas you guys?
I'd be glad to feature anyone who helps on my blog, and check out their blog, i'm so very desperate for help!

Thank you <3,
Sierra W.


Eda ♥ said...

i just love lace, especially white day i want to wed in white lace...♥

please follow:

Eda ♥

Anonymous said...

I love these!
uuuff I'm sorry I haven't seen any dresses like these.If I find any you'll be the first person I'll tell :)
check out my blog

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