Friday, May 21, 2010

The Chic Chica Rulebook #1


As every lady knows, perfume is very important! Sure, you may smell perfectly acceptable as you are, but a scent adds that extra little OOMPH! Obviously there are some rules to that...

I was spurred on to writing this little bit at work last night. This event inspired me with my number one rule:


I wish there was a nicer way to say that, but there isn't. Here I am, all the way in the back of the kitchen, coming out of the freezer, when all of a sudden my nostrils are viciously assaulted by this intense, cheap, shampoo-perfume smell belonging to a woman ALL THE WAY AT THE FRONT OF THE RESTAURANT. The smell of her filled every inch of everything, and what's worse was that it was actually disturbing the meals of other customers around her as they wrapped their shirts and things over their faces to shield themselves!

So now that you get that being offensive isn't good, moving on :D

2. Pick your scent to match your surroundings. If you're going to school, choose something gentle, maybe a body spray from bath and body works, or Cherie by Miss Dior. If youre going to a party, pick something fun, lively and young! And if you're going to be around a mostly mature crowd, go for a mature scent. I prefer Parisienne by YSL for these situations:
3. You don't have to have a signature scent, but be selective about your choices.
Think, people will associate you with whatever scent you choose.
For instance, i wear Juicy Couture the most, and always when i'm with my boyfriend. Scent is one of the first and foremost, not to mention important things your significant other will pick up on. If they consistently smell one scent on you, every other time they smell it, they'll instantly think of you and all the feelings you aroused ;) And like I said before, I use Juicy Couture, which I have proven to be the ultimate guy-attracting scent. Every single man i've been with loved it to death:

4. YES, I thoroughly encourage matching your perfume to your outfit! I've got lighter, airier, more feminine scents for such outfits, and when i decide to go a little punk, I spritz on something mustier and hotter.

5. Keep in tune with the season. Pretty, soft, floral scents are great for summer, but keep the heavier stuff for winter!

6. Pay attention to how a fragrance reacts and smells ON YOU. Not just on the bottle or sample. Rub a little around on your wrists, the nook of  your elbow or knee, or your neck. It can react with the oils of your body and your own personal chemicals, then you can take a whiff and be sure it REALLY smells THAT GOOD on you! :)

7. My yourself! Don't choose a scent just cuz its popular, choose ones that you like! It doesn't have to be a fancy brand either. Though I may have mentioned some of the more expensive ones in here, I've got plenty of others that I picked up at walmart or wherever, simply because I really liked it, and it worked well with me!

Happy Smelling!


Lauraloves. said...

That's such a cool post! :)

I totally agree with the first one, too... A girl at my school has a disgusting perfume, and to make it worse, she puts TONS on! Not happy :)

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