Monday, May 17, 2010

One of THE BEST Parodies I've EVER Seen!

Ke$ha- Tik Tok Parody!
I could have died the moment I saw this! I really don't like Ke$ha at all, I think she's a disgusting role model and a dumb hoe. And I know that sounds really awful, and there's a part of me that is terribly guilty for saying that, but when you see little 3rd graders singing about brushing their teeth with alcohol, you feel instantly ashamed about what our society has come to, and enraged at those who encourage such an idiotic lifestyle.

So I saw this, and I DIED! The part with puking glitter and when the shrink tells her P. Diddy is not her friend...priceless!


libys11 said...

hahahha!!!! too hilarious!

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