Saturday, May 15, 2010



They're obnoxiously loud! They just started practicing a month ago! They're my best friends! ISitInSeatSeven!

Okay, first things first, here's their Myspace and Youtube:
Now, keep in mind these guys have awful recording and whatnot, so these links are just to give you a sense of their styleThey recently switched screamers from Devon to Brent, and Aaron actually just quit today, so they're going through changes, but man, live, they are AMAZING! Now that they've got the kinks worked out, everything just WORKS for them as a band. They've got great chemistry!

I was at practice today, too, so i got some pics! They're kinda crappy shots, but we have a lot of fun.

Ian, guitar

Joe, bass
Jeremiah, drums

Brent, vocals/screams

Look at them! ^ Ain't they cute? Go ahead, laugh at Brent...
We have so much fun, and so much crazy stuff goes on. Jeremiah shaved his pitts once, a random guy just walked in the house and started playing the drum set, etc. all the time. jeremiah even got super-hyped about the ice cream truck today:
Watchin him run...good times!

And finally, here are some more serious shots of instruments and things that I took:

^ That's our drink of champions. Arizon tea. hell yeah.


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