Thursday, January 21, 2010

Outfits-My Beginning Bit

My Not-So-Shining Start At Chictopia

These are among my worst, in my opinion. Not neccesarily outfit-wise, but I lack quality in my pictures, and I do nothing to pose in an appealing way. I excluded a few more recent pictures, because I want to do a separate post. I'm growing in those pictures :) I've posted all of these on my Chictopia (find me, my name is Chicchica_bonita). It's just my own personal little growing project. I'm inspiring myself to really get going, to have confidence, and feel beautiful in my skin. I'm eating healthier, too, not just for weight loss, but to feel good, improve my mood and whatnot. I want to do another post about all my eating organic and whatnot. This is gonna be fun! ^.^ But I just wanted to show my beginning, is all. So this is where I started. Let's move from there.


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