Friday, January 15, 2010

Inspiration-The Shoes, The Genius

Alexander Mcqueen
I ADORE everything this man does. He is The Shoe Genius, in my eyes. While Louboutin creates the everyday, Mcqueen innovates, WOWS US! And what's best? The wonderful Lady GaGa seems to be quite a fan...

Within all these beautiful shoes, I can say that I definitely see a lot more than just creativity. There's real thought in these designs. He's turned the strangest shape into one damn fine piece of footwear! I challenge anyone to think about the foot inside this shoe and reconstruct one with equal finesse. I'm sure that, even if you can figure it all out in your mind, you couldn't figure out how to push it to that next step the way Mcqueen does. I strive to interpret the world the way he does. I only wish I could see it through his eyes. The thought of it is humbling.


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