Saturday, January 16, 2010

Inspiration-The Mojito

Julian Hakes
The Mojito Shoe
This is definitely a work of genius in both the category of design and the category of architecture. Architect Julian Hakes designed this shoe on his own foot, using paper, tape, and a scalpel one evening while contemplating one thing: Why do high heels need a foot plate, when all the weight goes to the ball and heel? This creation resulted. It's really gorgeous and I would love to see it walk down a runway. I'm not sure exactly how practical it would be for everyday life though....

god only knows what could be lurking beneath that nonexistent foot plate...

Humor aside though, Hakes did a really great job, and as far as I hear, is collaborating with some Italian shoemakers to get this thing out on the market. You can catch updates on his twitter, just find julianhakes. Maybe in the future, where poo isn't wont to be under feet, this could be considered an everyday sandal?


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