Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh step sister frustrates me indefinitely.... I see this happen all the time but Lauren dearest should know! I was in love with her outfit this morning, a colorblock skirt with a tee shirt tucked in and a cropped sweater over it. She curled her hair, she looked adorable. She also left the house before me, so i never got to see her choice in footwear. Now im in lunch and i see :( her beautiful outfit has been ruined by these ugg like, furry heeled things. I detest those things. They're beyond uggly! You see ten thousand Hollister clones prancing around the mall with their tasteless overly tight tee shirts and plaid bombers and jeans tucked into uggs mindlessly prattling about the next shade of blonde they can destroy their hair with. Its sickening. Idk if clone girls in other areas are like this, but i know that whatever they look like, i probably will be annoyed with the look after i see it two hundred times... Sigh...i feel so terrible about all this bitching...its not me to seem so hateful...


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