Monday, February 15, 2010

HowTo-Combat Boots

Fitting For Any Style!
For the longest time, combat boots have had both a good and bad rep. Some people don't like the tough look, and think these boots belong on the battlefield. They've had their time in the spotlight for all sorts of groups...the punks, the goths, the grunge, etc, and they remain a staple for many people. But lately they've been hugely popular in the mainstream fashion scene, lead by the major combat boot manufacturer, Doctor Martens. I personally am a big fan of Docs, and I'm totally thrilled to check and see what new designs they've got all the time...I would definitely collect them if I could afford it.
Combat boots come in variety of styles, like these Victorian style ones and the classic style ones, but in patent leather...
Don't be afraid to wear them with everything...literally everything. Dresses, skirts, winter, summer, spring fall, jeans, shorts, all of it. Combat boots go. They dress down a lot of things, and look great on their own, or with tons of layers of socks and whatnot. Basic guidelines...
-pick a color that is recurring in your closet, so you really can wear them with everything
-splurge on a basic, super comfy pair first, then branch out and have fun
-don't be afraid to get girly with it
-accessorize your boots! add charms or lace them funny
-you don't have to wear them laced all the way up, pulled tight. You're not ACTUALLY going out for combat, so feel free to let them flop around and look messy...its how I do it :)
-You can buy cheap pairs at Wal Mart for like...$12...but srsly, Docs cost $119 and their worth every penny. If you can't directly afford a pair, but you want some, go for the walmart ones, but save up for those'll be happy you did! 


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