Saturday, February 20, 2010

Poached Egg Time!!! Yaaay!

But This is A Lazier, Easier Way
You have no idea, I'm so excited about this...

So we were talking about this in spanish class the other day....we really wanted to know how to make a poached egg...and senora told me she thought it was like an egg... boiled without a shell...and she elaborated a little bit and I worked it out! So's my proccess for anyone who wants to learn....
I only wish mine looked this good...
Basically, I started out with a container about this big, and I put my egg in it. (Sorry, I took all these photos after I was done cooking yeah...) I've found that you want to find something with a flat even bottom, or you'll end up with an egg that's thick in one area with the yolk and the rest is just this thin sheet...
And then just stick it in the pot, and fill it with just a little bit of water, so the container just barely touches the bottom...It doesn't really matter exactly how much you use, just get some in there :)
Now, you cover it (duh) lolz

And boil the water at about medium high's my stove dial, if you want a bit of reference:

Now, i know this isn't an ACTUAL poached egg, but I'm super lazy, so I decided to just steam it sorta lol. But basically, when its white all over, you've got what you want.
While my egg was cooking, I popped a piece of toast in the toaster...toast it to your pleasure, i like my lightly golden.
Then I pulled my egg out, and dusted it with a bit of salt n pepper

And I pulled it out and stuck it on my toast! Tada!
Its a lot more flavorful than a hardboiled egg, and not nearly as messy as scrambled eggs, and its great to go! :D This may be my new favorite food...


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