Sunday, February 14, 2010

Inspiration-Elegant Gothic & Lolita

No, Not THAT Lolita...
photo copyright of Angelic Pretty

I'm talking about Japanese Elegant Gothic Lolita, or EGL, the street style. Full of frill and dolly-like elegance, this is one of my favorite styles. Unfortunately, it's a little expensive for me to dress it as I would like to.
Lolita can come in any number of styles like:

(that's Mana-sama ^.^)
Or even more specific styles like:
Or Pirate
it's a sort of mixture between punk lolita and 1700's gentleman
Every loli has her own style, and take on lolita. Some are lifestyle lolitas, having tea parties, dressing all the time, and living a ladylike life to fit their clothing.
To the lolita community, everyone is a princess, and deserves to be treated like such. It's rare that you find a loli who isn't warm, welcoming, fun-loving, and happy to bring you into the community and help you on your journey.
Every loli craves and desires "burando" or brand, a.k.a. the fancy stuff. They're high-quality, much better looking, and super-pricey. This good stuff includes Metamorphose Temps De Fille, Angelic Pretty, and Baby The Stars Shine Bright. Of course, there are hundreds of other brands, too.
But this odd little fashion style has snuck into one of America's now top Designers, Jason Wu! I love his spring 2009 collection!
This mash-up of girly details and feminine colors was, of course, inspired by sweet lolit and other japanese street fashions! That goes to show that being wordly is being tops :)


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