Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Here's my take. I'm not huge on looking gaudy, so I tried to tone it down a lot. I also prefer the unconventional sequins...I probably wouldn't have bought this skirt if it weren't for the fact that the sequins were scalloped, like fish scales:

Of course, sequins don't have to be glamrock, you can have a vintage-y twist on it, like Kitten Paws Vintage:

Photo copyright of KittenPawsVintage

Or ThriftWares:
Photo Copyright of Thriftwares

They can be hardcore or cute or quirky! You just have to know what you want, and once again, make it your own! Here are some quick guidelines:
-Sequins are bold, so keep the rest of your outfit relatively basic, otherwise you'll have a battle for dominance in your outfit.
-Don't overload. If you're wearing a sequin dress, its all the sparkle you'll need.
-Be modest. What you're wearing is already sexy and flashy enough, so don't go baring all on top of it. You'll look slutty.
-Don't be afraid. If you don't like to dress quite so out-there, but want to get in on the trend, you can try something simple, like a t-shirt with sequin trim, or a hat or scarf.


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